Idiot (Trading) Guides

Ok, so there are an epic amount of trading posts here in one month, and although the idiots have attempted to add humor and make it more accessible than the average bunch of idiots' charts, you will find here (encoded of course, it will take study)  in all seriousness, the basis of a very real trading system, that as we have shown, mostly works.

The entire trading sequence in order from start to finish is in the ETF. But there was also a lot of ongoing commentary in individual trades as they played out, in individual posts.

It is the contention of this bunch of idiots is that if one were to pay close enough attention to the nonsense in the all the trading computer game pics and charts on pretty much every post and page, there is, spread throughout  two weeks worth of silly doodles from a bunch of f'in idiots, more actual market knowledge, than Turner's entire publishing career.
There is in fact the hidden key to success.  Make of it what you will (or are able). 
Idiots have written quite a few "general" guides to various aspects of the life of an average idiot..

Then actual trading posts.. first the end of week round ups and stats

Then in chronological order from the beginning: (Week 1 ended at 0%)

Week 3 (2 really.. idiots start introducing "educational " :)  commentary into charts)

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