Thursday, January 17, 2013

AT_ETF Trade Alert v2.5

Yet again idiots are shorting.. See latest AT_ET Update (bottom of page)

Just look at the big picture, mouthwatering on the short side, isnt it?  : )

Update overnight action..  both trades went into profit quickly and stop losses moved to zero on each last night. Today the (utter) idiots have opened the stop losses out again to 15 pips each, just above yesterdays highs, total account risk now 15x35x2 - $1050  or < 1% because if we were just pipped out at breakeven, re-entry can be difficult and for 0.5% risk @ 35 contracts/trade, the risk:reward prospects are still good.

The markets have now broken out past Turner's top by a deviation of 0.7-0.8%, but idiots are confident its just a minor glitch and will be back below the auspicious line fairly quickly. The probability is that this several day interlude will look just like a "hoovering" spike on a monthly chart, when all said and done.

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