Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Idiots Guide to Alternative Employment

A typical idiot's desktop
You absolutely do not need multi monster screens to be a successful idiot, but its nice, once you can afford it.

On a more serious note, it turns out the idiots were only joking about opening a PAMM.

If you don't know what that is (WIKI) and cant be bothered to click the link, it's a communal trading account whereby anybody can put money in and profit or loss from the actions of one trader or trading establishment.

All the idiots here are at different levels of proficiency, but there is no doubt that winning against the markets consistently, is hard.  And although this bunch of idiots are all confident enough to trade with our own money, trading with other peoples money adds extra pressure to the whole thing, and if you've never tried it anyway you have no comprehension about just how hard it is.

Hence we have a better idea, because although it is really hard, it is in fact possible.  So if you are one of these absolute achievers, and think you might be able to master your emotions (you have no idea at this point whether this will be possible, until you have used your own real money and tried it) you just might be able to pull it off, and we wouldn't want to put interested parties off. 

So, instead of a PAMM whereby this bunch of idiots trade it, how about all interested potential idiots go to a Forex broker, and open up a $100,000 DEMO account - DO NOT, REPEAT NOT put any real money into it, ever.

Well, until you have been trading the demo account consistently profitably for six months minimum.  Because even then you may well blow up the first real account and lose the deposit anyway, (so make it a micro account, small money) because it's suddenly and strangely, much harder when idiots start to confront their emotions for the first time. 

Then download MT4, log into your demo account, and you can play along fading Mr Turner with us?

That way any idiot who really wants to, might eventually be able to whoop a balanced portfolio in a week or two, all by themselves? brilliant eh? : )

For a laugh, watch a market for a while, and then try a trade yourselves, to truly behold the money-banking perfection of the modern efficient market (makers).  Most Forex brokers do futures, you will need USA30 and USA500 to follow along with a maybe-perhaps-be-so-funny-if-so  ..epic short trade in the next few months.

If  Turners top does  not ultimately hold by a significant deviation we will of course reassess, however we are prevented from trading long positions by a previous long call from the contrarian  indicator until we at least get a better price than at multi year highs.  Mr Turner is being a bit reticent with the other macro calls we want though, (CAD, EUR, JPY etc) although as he just said yesterday:

#133 Stoopid Idiot on 01.18.13 at 10:56 am
Don’t bet against the U.S.? (I’m Banking On It) 
I am happy to have you on the other side of the trade. — Garth

We were rather hoping that's an open invitation, and maybe if the advice was a little more free-flowing we could even cut him in for a slice of the profits made #FadingGarthTurner


  1. brilliant idea downloaded and installed and waiting..

    great blog guys

    1. hello sid. to be honest this is not going to be an ongoing thing although if there is a 2000 point short in the makings we might be tempted to come back and bash the ETF to 500% or something with one big one.. :)

      the idiots are pretty busy with their own shit mostly, but if you really wanted to learn we could point you to some good places to start.

  2. I opened a Forex trading account last week - The force told me in dream…..

    I see the obvious……so schooled, study Fibonacci, stochastic, me I watch the herd………………


    anyways when your next fading Gartho any tips welcome

    Smoking Man is smoking