Tuesday, January 15, 2013

AT ETF Trade v2.3 Alert

Continuing on from today's two trade posts..
  1. ETF Trade 2 win and 
  2. Candy baby
The market came back and gave us another setup from above our high probability point.. (Turner's Top)

click to enlarge its too big for the page

So a few ATETF idiots couldn't help another cheeky pop, and thought they'd go back in heavy with tight stops and try beat the crap out of it the 3rd time. 

Current status 168 contracts short S&P(100) and Dow (68), maximum account risk $2380 / $103100 = 2.3% of account total.  On the 1hr chart it looks like this

click for full size

Update - and profit, stops at breakeven on both trades...

currently showing:

  • Dow  approx 35pts x 68 contracts = +$2380 
  • S&P approx 30 pts x 100 contracts = +$3000

Account +5.3% approx if closed now - however as they are now risk free, could today be a big day?

See all the trades in one place - The Anti_Turner ETF

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