Friday, January 25, 2013

Thank You and Goodnight..

So today brings the live trading display to a close, the ETF Page is now an internet shrine to idiocy at it's finest

None of these idiots in their wildest dreams thought it would be so easy to apply general market knowledge to new markets and blitz it out of the park, over the golf course and straight through a brick wall in basically two weeks of live (theoretical of course) trading. 

Idiots have treated it as though it was 100% real and been scrupulously fair and accurate in the live trading, and although obviously in real trading idiots have to account for spread in stop losses etc, (we do) the idiots hope people can see they have a reasonable grasp of market action, even if we do think it's all one big computer game.

It has been quite a team effort and all the idiots have been bang on it, because of course unknown idiots always have something to prove, and in this case the desire was only to prove that not everybody who visits Mr Turner's blog comments is a fool. 

Today's trading commentary from the the ETF page is copied below, and the idiots think it speaks for itself, although the idiots highly recommend people visit the page itself and read the last paragraph carefully.

Update 25th Jan 2013
Remaining 15 contracts on DOW stopped at breakeven. thinking about reloading once more..
Update - back, might be too early, we shall see
  • Short DOW @ 13871  61 contracts at 20pts = 1% risk

Update - (Yesterday's)  Final 15 S&P contracts stopped at breakeven 
This below is basically the idiots regular bet.. only that the Market will bank the money of fools

( in shall the idiots kick the granny out of it with high leverage for their daily cheek)

Update MORE TRADING: Adding to shorts at high leverage and tight stops 
  • Short S&P 1502.1  - 100 contracts 10pt stop <1% risk
  • Short DOW 13882 - 135 contracts 9pt stop 1% risk
Total account risk with previous DOW short still in play approx 3%

Update S&P TP1 20 pts x 80 contracts = +$1600

AT_ETF  $123525 + $1600 = $125125 or +25.1% 

Still short 20 S&P and 196 DOW :) @ 2% account risk

Update DOW TP1 20pts x 100 contracts = +$2000
AT_ETF  $125125 +$2000 = $127125 or +27.1% 

Still short 20 S&P and 96 DOW @ 1% account risk

Update Remaining 20 S&P stopped at breakeven. To. The. Pip.
96 DOW @ 1% risk still in play

Update DOW TP2 35 contracts x 40 pts = +$1400

AT_ETF  $127125 +$1400 =$128525 or +28.52% 

Still short Original 61 DOW @ 1% account risk

Read it and weep fools ;)

Update 25-Jan 2013 - This is probably the final Update in here now.
Dow trade scratched at +$366 (6pts) rather than maybe take a 1% loss

AT_ETF $128525  +$366 = $128891 or +28.89% 



Well we certainly had a laugh.. the rest at the Anti-Turner ETF 

The site will now get a couple more idiotic posts to round things up and then become an internet shrine to Mr Turner, as seen by a bunch of idiots, because the idiots do actually have better things to do, like new places to mug money off fools (and for that we thank Mr Turner's bullish stocks calls greatly) but this did need doing and these idiots wanted to do it. 

Thank you and goodnight. 


  1. I chanced on this site today after googling, thinking that surely there must be people out there that think GT is reeling in greater fools with his aptly named blog. The level of sycophancy on his blog is nauseating, and it would seem that the uncensored posters are feeding his narcissism, without realising that THEY are the greater fools for laying homage at GT's feet. Why else would anyone religiously bleat on and on 6/7 days posting for the last five years, ad nauseam? The only credit I give him is the ability to amass a following, albeit of seemingly weak minds.
    Thank you for all the effort that you 'idiots' have put in to create this site so that those who seek to do their own research have a more balanced view.

  2. He has a degree in literature. He should blog about poetry.