Monday, January 28, 2013

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So this is the final post, the idiots just wanted to summarize the whole site for anybody new who hasn't been following along and arrives to find millions of wierd trading posts very clearly written by idiots.

Basically, Garth Turner has a very bad attitude on his own blog, censoring and deleting any comments that contain facts that significantly challenge his ongoing sales effort. This is ok, if not exactly good internet etiquette, as it is after all his blog and financial sales business, but for one with such a poor track record himself, he shouldn't really be saying things like this:
"Day traders are idiots. Professional stock brokers are going deservedly extinct. 
...And don’t get me started on mutual fund salesguys"
Because if he hadn't, a certain bunch of idiots who all thought he is a fool anyway, half of whom have personally been censored over the years themselves, wouldn't have decided to get together and research his history accurately, document it all thoroughly, and  then leave it out there for anybody to draw their own conclusions as a permanent internet slap to his ego, just because they could. 

But that is exactly what happened. Where it started to take on a life of it's own was when the research started to show that almost everything the idiots ever found out about Turner predicting, was ultimately wrong.

The more they looked, the more they found, all wrong. They even asked Google if  "Garth Turner was right" - much hilarity ensued

They went back and looked at likely payouts simply by fading his advice over the years and realized (seriously) an Anti-Turner ETF running since the 80s would be a $billion fund, with one perfect trade after another.  

One Saturday morning in 2013 one of the idiots read that he was bullish on stocks (at the top, obviously, like every contrarian investor lol) and so the idiots took an immediate theoretical short position in opposition.

When the markets opened the next week and the Dow plummeted 100 points in 2 days, the idiots decided he still has the magic, and they should seriously have a look at equities in case "Turner's Top " as it came to be known was about to become very profitable.  

So the idiots then live (test) traded the DOW & S&P  side by side in the ETF and made + 28.89% in the first three weeks (two really, as week 1 was a stopout at breakeven).  Not bad, huh? :)  

Its more than the last 3 years "balanced portfolio growth" Turner is always going on about, in two weeks, banked secure and risk free, again, unlike a balanced portfolio. To be fair, the idiots didn't make that much because equities subsequently  fell, they actually made that much trading them against the trend for a laugh, applying basic market principles to new markets turned out much easier than any idiots originally thought.

Over the 2 week period, holders of stocks are +3% up, which could be back to 0% or negative by the end of the week..

Meanwhile a bunch of idiots extracted +28.8% straight out of the accounts of buyers, while waiting for it to actually run  the way we are pointing.

The main point to grasp here is that buying stocks at 50:50 risk reward proposition is a Fool's Game only.

You will not find smart money or (successful) idiots taking this bet, ever.

Note: it's +28.89% now, few  one more days trading since then..

So anyway, the last stuff that will get done on the site is another page with all the Turner predictions posts on, and one with all the trading posts for easier navigation as it ages.  Other than that if you are looking for something specific, try the custom search box top right, it works very well. 

The idiots are going back to doing what they normally do now, only they'll be continuing to short equities too moving forwards all the way up to the top and all the way back down, so think of us whenever you see those big red lines   :) 

Update (29-Jan-2013) 
Applying these trades to the ETF previous account figures gives us:
ETF Total   $143991 or +43.99% IN ONE MONTH

The Soon-To-Be Legendary Anti_Turner ETF is here

Finally, the ETF was planning on trading Silver last week too, as per here, but the trade did not set up in time..

However this week it did and has just hit TP1 ($1 or 100pts) in real life,#Silver #Idiots action @ bottom of page 

Update (30-Jan-2013)These win figures applied to the ETF account leave us at a stunning:

ETF Total Now $163991 or +63.99% in one month

with approx another $22k in Open (unbanked) float at $32.xx. 
Some of the real idiots silver trades hit trailing stops on the remainder (01-31) at $31.71 (91pts) 
For the sake of the ETF idiots will remain in, 20k long from  $30.80 stop at breakeven. 

Stay tuned for Turner vs #Silver #Idiots #2013
Can ONE (remaining) 20k Oz long trade on 28th January whoop another three year's  balanced portfolio growth in #2013 all on it's own? :)

#Laters #Foolz


  1. In a post on his blog yesterday, Garth cited an example of a woman who'd just sold her home for a huge profit after nearly 4 years. I commented that thankfully she hadnt heard of Garth or chose not to take his advice NOT to buy a home at that time on the very same blog. I also asked how his "balanced portfolio" would have fared over those same 4 years. I also commented that I wasn't sure if he had been a registered advisor for that long - CENSORED. I think this was a valid point in the discussion and made a point of a screen capture. Someone should collect these censorships, maybe his blog-dogs would finally listen to reason.

  2. Hi Doug. yes indeed, no reference to any previous inconvenient facts will be allowed and especially outside of the approved time period, 2010 onwards. Please disregard anything said prior to that, that was all before he knew better, NOW he's cracked this psychic gig...

    these idiots gave up long ago trying to get any sense published on there, it wasnt until he directly asked for retaliation by insulting vast swathes of people in one sentence, while simultaneously trying to pretend he has always had all the answers, that this bunch of idiots decided to dig deeper.

    the idiots are contemplating putting a special post up on the site especially for censored comments as blogger doesnt seem to allow embedding of images in comments.

    if you want to send the image through you can reach the idiots at

    most of his blogdogs are so gagging for a housing correction to be ultimately vindicated that they dont care that he's been consistently advising people off real estate and into "financial assets" since 1999.

    the idiots think blog doggies should be careful what they wish for, as a serious housing slowdown if it comes is a certain recession there, along with all the banking and structural problems that always follow.

    1. he had a newsletter back in the 80's when he worked at the toronto sun it gave good advice then but everything changed once he quit the toronto sun he's been wrong ever since

  3. around 2011 when he bought in toronto he was teĺling his reader to sell. At that time any idiot cuold
    Buy a leaside bungalow and sell it a year later
    for 100 k more. Not Garth the expert he took a haircut.

  4. I've tried posting street specific stats regarding toronto that destroy his thesis- He deletes them. A Turncoat in a trench coat
    blending humour, T and A , and investment advice.
    He best rebuttal is calling anyone who disagrees
    with him a "realtor:"

  5. Soft core fear porn