Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Garth Turner Was Right (Lulz :)

Haha, so the eagle-eyed among you will spot what we did there to cheat Google, but no, that's a bit unfair. Here's the real amount of people who have ever written that on the internet throughout human history, (minus of course multiple hits on his own site.)  

Out of trillions of pages on the internet, SEVEN.  Of those, we appear to have three incidences, and duplicates on other sites.  Of these mentions, (without reading them), it appears in Google as though two of the three things he was right about, are "talk show hosts" and political carbon tax wranglings. Then there is ONE hit based on Finance. ONE. Obviously we had to look at this, its a Youtube video, (and he wasn't at all right in that, at that time) where some dude opined in the comments..

So, it very much looks like in the whole history of the internet going global, which incidentally dates back almost as long as Turner's career, nobody, has ever sat down and written a convincing Garth Turner was right article, never mind compiling a series of interviews nailing it exactly and making everyone else look like fools for the rest of their lives when it goes viral. That's social media marketing at it's finest, in this respect Turner also has a long way to go.

For reference, lets compare to a previously very successful publicity blitz, caused by someone, you know, being right..

As you can see, the internet isn't quite as dumb as it can seem.  

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