Friday, January 18, 2013


A decent week? Yea not bad, had better..  ;)  ..Title needs correction though, not out of the park, it hit the high fence and fell just inside.

Usually idiots don't close out of pre-planned strategy trades or the numbers go all wrong, but there are a few exceptions to this, primarily news, and at the end of the week, as if the market closes and you are still in positions, market makers can gap the price up/down, straight past your stoploss and help themselves to your account.

So as its nearing end of week trading we were considering whether to get out or not (we did, see pic)

This could reverse and run back into profit, but it could also get stopped, its 50/50 at this time of the day and the week, so we closed out the 35 Dow contracts ax 14 points and the remaining 15 S&P x 3(30) points.

+$490 + $450. Peanuts, hardly worth the time and effort.

Except, when we added it up... from the previous post :)  
Trading account now at $109110 
- banked, non returnable and still with trades in positive open float.

Which is now +$490 + $450 = $110,050 or +10.05% banked & secure in 1 week


Did we really just almost outperform an entire 2012 years balanced portfolio growth in week 2 of trading?

Heh. Oh yes. You fools can kiss our idiotic asses.  So we might take a week or two off, go skiing, lay on a beach, or we might come back and try to do it all over again next week..

PS apologies for the initial mis-reading of 10% as 11% on first publication, and mirth obviously took over from that point on, we'll definitely bang that pesky 0.66% extra in before anybody goes off on vacations.

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