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..SkeptiCat is not believing your tall tales..
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  • Inflation / deflation 2006

"This is NOT a Gold-pumping blog!" 

(if only the understanding had been there, eh Mr Turner..? ;)

  • Real estate 2006
  • Real estate 2009
  • Real estate 2010
  • Real estate 2013


    1. Turner has been around as long as I can remember the news, but I had no idea his record was this bad.

    2. He's certainly selective with his 'facts'. Bottom line is that he's out to sell investment services. Gotta make a living somehow.

      I like how he plays with numbers by ignoring exchange rates in his mythical rate of return calcs, or using real vs. Nominal when his numbers don't add up.

      Regardless, I do agree with him on housing.

    3. well yes, possibly so do the idiots, NOW.. but he seems to have been saying virtually the same thing almost since internet records began.

    4. he is really getting unbearable lately, his readers are fading away fast, there's a handful of regulars and a trickle of passers by.

    5. Hilarious site he has. Pretends he has no past. If you mention any of his past advice he deletes your post. I think he is just bitter that Jim Flaherty got the cabinet post and he did not. He embarrassed himself with that Sheeple thing he published.

      Doesn't he know that driving a Harley is really nothing to brag about?

    6. He has been telling readers to sell their real estate and invest elsewhere for the last six years. About 3 years ago he bought a house in Leaside and sold it about a year later, but he never said a word about it on his blog. He sold it for around the same price he bought it for, it was a newer build two story. I walked into the open house, there were eight pairs of cowboy boots in the walk in closet. He presents himself as a real estate expert but he's not, he's just a politician, media journalist who writes well, he is amusing, but his predictions are dead wrong. People have written on his blog that they took his advice in Toronto and sold and cant buy back in, he just brushes them off. He deserves a nod for 'most mileage from a thesis', unfortunately the thesis half baked.

    7. I agree that Garths' predictions are ridiculous. He is trying to get everyone into the equity markets at the top. The pathetic loser was doing the exact opposite in 2009. He was talking about squirrel recipes and hiding your money in your backyard as it was the end of times. He waited until 2010 before going around and having investment seminars to get you to buy into the markets. He must have been loading up in '09 and telling everyone else not to. People like this should be imprisoned for destroying unwitting and trusting souls who actually think he knows what he is talking about. His interest rate call in the US is an absolute farce. The markets across the planet are in the biggest bubble in history and he pretends like everything is great and there is actual growth in the US.
      He even has advise for young couples with young children. He couldn't even produce any offspring. What a pathetic loser little man he is. I bet his cowboy boots are wiser than he is.

      1. Actually he is a tiny man, about 5'5"

        Found this old blog by googling "The Greatest Fool = Garth Turner"