Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Idiot's Guide To Fabulous Riches From Silver

There is an idiot known to us as "SilverMan" who started buying large amounts in 2004-2005 and whose aggregate price was around $6.00 per Oz. He was the most prescient of these idiots by several years.

As we now approach the 10 year mark the straight bullion appreciation is 500+% at $32.xx per Oz.  

Average annual gain = +50 ish % per year

But he has a completely idiotic trading strategy that has multiplied this figure several times over in the same period. 

It's so simple any fool idiot could do it. When idiot is in permanently long position (owning physical) thats going up in a relatively straight line, (over a longer period) and is reasonably skilled in daytrading short entries, all he has to do is trade silver futures on the short side (ideally equivalent position size) and every time he closes out of a winning silver short trade immediately buy more physical, at the new lower price, with the extra cash.  

The idiot doesn't need to trade silver on the long side at all, that's on auto-pilot, with no leverage and no risk of cash loss. In this way the idiot is not actually working to get more cash, he is instead stealthily adding further KGs to his pile of silver by using (the regular and violent) downward price movements to capture as much of the value that he technically lost on his physical as possible, and as he closes the short trade out in profit, is back into physical at a beatdown discount, usually by the time he wakes up again silver has snapped back and he's into profit on his new extra "long" Kilograms too.  

Many physical silver owners dread the stomach churning price drops, but this idiot loves them its what he lives for.  

Because, using just this method, and (considerable idiotic silver short trading skills honed over a good few years) the compound growth on his account is now approaching 2300% over the last decade. The idiot basically worked out how to consistently "buy low and sell high" using just silver.

What an extraordinary  *******  idiot.
Edit: SilverMan saw his piece and commented on the Skype Group:
"Im sure it was more abusive than that when I sent it  [it was, and] 
"by the way my silver strategy is exactly what the big buyers from Asia are doing for the last 2 years"  
..And a silver tip from the SilverMan himself for anyone who doesnt yet know whether they are an idiot or a fool, needs to  read this and have a very careful think about things moving forwards. Silverman says he can see this in price action already, and given his track record that's good enough for this bunch of idiots.

Update Jan 28 : SilverMan's Strategy in Action (& a bunch of other idiots)

Update Jan 29th Trade into Profit..

There is some more thoroughly  idiotic silver market commentary here, and other than that the idiots will leave it there now, this is enough insight into the life of a real and utter idiot for anyone..

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