Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Day in the Life of an AT_ETF Idiot

Er hem, cough, cough, SILVER!! 

Unlike fools who comment on things they know nothing about nor own, idiots usually have a substantial portion of their wealth in Silver, from a few years ago, through to many years ago, and couldn't care less about "smackdowns" because when it gets low enough, they layer in more, confident in their (and qualified others') view of long -term market fundamentals. 

As various idiots are up between approx $5k - $50k from just this chart above, they are therefore qualified to comment, having been so right, for so long..  Will it be different tomorrow? For sure. Is it still up many hundreds of percent from when most idiots got involved? Oh yes. 

Are they selling any? Not until Turner starts openly buying.  Yup, all looking preeettty bad for Silver..  : ) 

This is the worst part of what idiots do every day, try and control the urge to fire off before the market has confirmed and given the perfect entry..  When you do in haste, like yesterday's S&P reload, you generally get punished.

"Turner's Top is gonna hold godammit, just short it already"  :) 

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