Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So while we were  reporting the overnight action, the S&P trade win thus far detailed here hit the TP2 at 10 (100 points) 

And so off came another 10 contracts at 10 x10 (100) = $1000 profit or +1%. Banked.
At this point the idiots will now lower the original stoploss to breakeven on the remainder.

This trade is at now a minimum of +3.1%  with 20 contracts still in play. 

The Dow trade the idiots took at the same time has not yet hit TP1, and is showing divergent strength from the S&P, (something to do with some stocks fundamentals or buyouts apparently) and is still above "Turner's Top" whereas the S&P (the only one to watch) is leading the slide.

So we will now also move the stop to breakeven on the Dow trade, taken incidentally at the same levels as the S&P, ie 2% account loss risk, 66 contracts short and all still  in play.. (risk free, lol)

Watch this space-can the second Anti-Turner ETF Trade of the year bank 10% in 2 days, by just fading Garth Turner? :)

Update (a bit later) - no 10% wins today. 

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