Monday, January 21, 2013

Trade v 3.1 Update

At the start of the Asian open session, equities vigilantes were a shortin' again. You were warned..

From the ETF page  Week 3 - 21-01-2012 
This week four idiots will be trading the ETF along with their own activities, with trades in S&P/DOW, and gold & silver too if all goes to plan.  They have been targeted with a 5% week each.  Watch this space. 
The equities vigilantes are quick off the mark tonight, entries taken at:
  • S & P Short 37 contracts at 1485.4
  • DOW Short 36 contracts at 13649 
30 point stops, risk per trade 1% (total risk 2%)

Update 21-01-2013

Both trades edged into profit overnight, but Idiots were hoping for a clearer pull away from this level overnight, and so although both were initiated with a 30 pt stop, this morning this has been moved down to 15pts per trade = 1% account total risk @ 36/37 contracts.  If the market is going to run back up first Idiots would rather take a smaller hit and re-enter heavy

Today, idiot traders are watching market action and thinking this.

So let's watch it play out and see if an utterly idiotic view of  market action is correct in this instance..

There can be no gloating until TPs have been hit because the market can always have the last laugh until you are banked and closed out, but this is kind of what idiots were expecting thus far..

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