Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trade Update

So once again the S&P leads the DOW, hitting TP1 (6 S&P points (60 equiv) at which point 50 of the 80 contracts removed for +$3000 or +3%

The AT ETF trading account is now at $106100 (banked, non-returnable) 
or +6.1% since this time yesterday.

The ETF is still short 50 contracts S&P and 68 DOW with stop losses at breakeven, ie no risk of loss below $106100, the idiots are excited to see what the day brings. 

Mr Turner needs to start putting out trade calls via Twitter really, so everyone can get involved..

Update 2 DOW TP1 (Finally) 50 contracts x 60 points = $3000 or +3% 

ETF Trading account now $109100  (banked) and still short 50 Contracts S&P & 18 DOW

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