Thursday, January 24, 2013


After spending the European session taking continuing pot shots at passing Terminators from yesterday's trade defence lines the idiots withdrew when the markets surged upwards, and regrouped at the new top again. What followed was somewhat epic if we do say so ourselves. (for idiots, anyway remember)

Here's the whole trade sequence from the ETF page.

New entries as below
  • Short DOW 13866 - 85 contracts at 20 pip stop = 1.5% risk
  • Short S & P 1501.1 - 85 contracts at 20 pip stop = 1.5% risk

Update S&P TP1 70 contracts x 50 pts = +$3500
AT_ETF  $116525 +$3500 = $120025 or +20.02% 
(should we say it again? :) Stops to breakeven - Risk Free trading from the idiots once more

Update DOW TP1 70 contracts x 50 pts = +$3500
AT_ETF  $120025 + $3500 = $123525 or +23.52% 

Some people might be glad to know this project is now approaching the end of it's line, it's not supposed to be a free trading class, the idiots were only  intent on demonstrating that a methodical approach and a vague understanding of how it works can earn money, despite what fools may tell you.

So the idiots will now just (attempt to) make sure they outperform 3 years worth of balanced portfolio growth by the end of Jan and then leave it hanging out there as the benchmark for fools to aspire to. 

If we look at the figures for the Dow, fools buying it at  "Turner's top" (13414) are up 2.9%, meanwhile, a bunch of idiots trading it the wrong way for a laugh  managed +23.5% in two weeks. 

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