Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trading Update

Yesterday the idiots were musing about markets whilst in a trade that ultimately got stopped out by a couple of pips just before the US session "closed". In fact, had the idiots responsible even known that the US was shut the next day when they initiated it.. : )  .. well they wouldn't have, but hey ho, idiots make mistakes from time to time.

But the Asia Pacific division of the AT_ETF struck back quickly from just slightly higher after the open..

And now, (idiots were too early as often happens) it's possible to see the trap closing..

In fact whilst writing this update post both trades are now 40 points (ish) positive, and stops moved to breakeven.

Risk Free Trading once more, could be a good day for a bunch of idiots..

Update TP1 S&P & DOW
S&P 25 contracts removed x 6 (60) pts = +$1500 or 1.4% and 12 contracts still in play
Dow 35 contracts removed x 60 points =  +$2100 or 2.0% and 15 contracts still in play

Remaining stop losses at breakeven, no risk of loss, still 27 contracts short

AT_ETF Total  $108955 + $1500 + $2100 = $112555 or + 12.55%   : ) 

Remaining open float currently = 27x60 (ish) = +$1600ish (not closed /banked)

Update Final Tranches stopped at breakeven

AT_ETF Total  $108955 + $1500 + $2100 = $112555 or + 12.55%   : ) 

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