Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Power of the Modern Internet

UPDATE 10-Jan-2013  - Page One - see image bottom of page

Google is extraordinarily fast in 2013. It's almost mind-blowing complexity allows it be virtually indexing the whole internet in real-time these days. The results of which can be seen here, as this blog is a mere two weeks old today, and seems close to making Page One on Google for "garth turner greater fool" on 

Google even appears to considers it more relevant than - his old site already, although as Turner has blocked access to search engines, that is probably to be expected. Only just above us on page one is his Wikipedia entry, so this seems quite promising at only the 2 week-old stage, it seems to show that a content-based strategy can be effective. 

So what can we expect in the way of keyword traffic when we get there? 

Not very much, unfortunately, and it seems to be a Canada-only phenomena. Much like the S&P, search interest peaked in 2007/2008 and been in a secular bear market ever since

It should also mean decent visibility on all of the more in-depth topics.

UPDATE 10-Jan-2013  - Page One 

These should probably go in here too, at least until Google update with some more *suggestions*

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