Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Real Estate Boom Is Over (2006 Version)

"The real estate boom is over. You may or may not like that news, but it is now official"March 2006  - Source

I am calling the eight-year-long housing lovefest, finito. Done like dinner. Does that mean housing prices are going to start spiralling lower, with a rerun of the equity-bust-ing days of the early 1990s? 
Should families who have concentrated most of their wealth in their homes be panicking?  
Hardly. I see no storm clouds on the horizon. But neither do I see the weather conditions that would allow prices to keep on rising. 
Editor Note: so [he foresaw] neither of the two things that both happened then ?
And there is one overwhelming piece of news that, more than anything else, should tell everyone that real estate is an overvalued commodity ripe for correction. 


  1. If only his moronic "blog-dogs" could see this blog.

  2. the idiots think that eventually, they probably will..

    it's started getting Facebook hits now, if something goes viral on FB it's #GameOver

    #Idiots are well dug in with Claymores set up at the perimeters. not expecting too much trouble from the mutts, given the abundance of actual facts and data to pore over.