Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Idiot Trading Analysis & Market Commentary

Firstly, what can we see say except.........   SILVER!! 

SilverMan was at the beach yesterday but was talking about the market last evening, and said he thinks he sees something very significant, (and quite unusual) that is some real world silver demand rejecting a sell off hard. At the same time as the image below,  Gold dropped about $7 in a vertical line, Silver started to, but was powerfully rejected upwards again, as though there are very large buy orders just under the market.

Make of this what you will, but idiots think people should definitely be buying dips towards $30-31  (*if* : ) you see any.

Last night's (slightly idiotic, even for us) renewed equities shorts are drifting slowly downwards..

These charts actually provide a perfect demonstration of what is fundamentally wrong with technical analysis, that is, it works, until it doesn't. 

Which is why these idiots only use it as an additional guide to go along with our own idiotic view of market fundamentals and price action

So anyway, after a couple of weeks at looking at equities the idiots are thinking theyre sorta getting the hang of it now and so might start trading it how they trade their more usual markets, ie down, AND UP. 

Obviously the bunch of idiots are well aware they are trading against the the trend (to make a point) but think that with said point probably now proven (+12.55% in 2 weeks lol) it might be nice to be pointing the right way for a while, and instead of all these "stopped at zeros" we start getting a few TP3's instead.. :)

So today if these trades hit TP1 idiots might be thinking about taking reversals back up tooidiots are also adjusting TP levels slightly as they become more accustomed to the range to try to extract more cash prior to stop outs at zero..

And for anybody still in two minds about this "Dont bet against America" nonsense the idiots highly recommend careful reading and digestion of this..

This Is What 1,230 Days (And Counting) Of Explicit Market Support By The Federal Reserve Looks Like

Because much like the technical analysis failure above, this will also work until..   it doesn't. 


  1. I have been following along with this blog for a few days and am not quite sure what to make of it.

    one hand it almost seems like one big joke to you and on the other hand there seems to be some quite adept trading skills on display. Anyway as you say I am sure it would be easier trading with the trend.

  2. Hello Jeff.

    well it's funny you should say that because in one way that is what we are attempting to demonstrate.

    that is, the financial markets are as good as one big joke, and that in our (idiotic) opinion, having to correctly predict the future is not a reliable hence viable way to "invest"

    as idiot daytraders we care not what the future brings, as long as we can continue playing the big computer game and taking money straight from the bank accounts of fools.

    and with regards to trading in line with the trend - a few basic facts should establish the likely longterm success prospects of that..

    1. virtually everybody in the world buys high and sells low.

    2. 90+% of idiot daytraders lose

    3. the standard advice is that "the trend is your friend"

    these idiots only think that is applicable to macro-trends, ie decades and longer, whereas intermediate and short terms trends can be most unfriendly at times.

    hope this clarifies things a little.

  3. You might want to check this technical analysis program:

  4. er thanks, but no not really.

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