Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 3 Pre-Market Alert

This week as well as trading equities from the short side the AT_ETF Traders are also going to be trading Mr Turner's arch-nemesis duo, XAU (gold) &  XAG (silver) too, as Turner's down calls are still valid:
This is precisely the pattern I’ve been telling you for months to expect. Financial assets ascending. Real assets descending. Money surging from bonds to stocks. Commodities squished
So, your bond fund lost money this week. So did your house in Vancouver. 
"And your silver and gold." 
Proudly proclaiming to own no silver because of its volatility seems a fairly bearish outlook, so obviously the ETF is bullish until proven otherwise.  But as noted here, it doesn't even really matter much which direction it goes  as the idiots will just attempt to keep taking slices out until it turns in their favor properly anyway. 

Here's how the gold market action looks to certain idiots last week. Like we might  *possibly* see a downdraft in fact. :) The idiots will most likely be looking for first a short, then a long, but there is no rush here nor set plans.

This chart looks possibly a bit more urgent to some idiots, instead of the range-bound money-banking routine of gold above. Potentially looking for longs, possibly a short down first and reverse.

Happy FadingGarthTurner everybody.

Update 29th Jan 2013 - Here it is played out.. However could a bunch of total idiots have known? :) More details on Silver / silver - trading idiots and trades here

Some of the real idiots silver trades hit trailing stops on the remainder (01-31) at $31.71 (91pts) 
For the sake of the ETF idiots will remain in, 20k long from  $30.80 stop at breakeven.

Idiots think if you haven't got the idea by now, you're always going to be a fool..

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