Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Garth Turner vs Marc Faber

Examining the evidence on financial credibility, and the differences of opinions between Garth Turner and Marc Faber on the future. The only thing we would add to this otherwise well presented video, is just how funny Garth Turner thinking that he is in any way contrarian, is

If anybody wonders why this motivates us, they should spare a thought for the thousands of people burnt very badly over the years by Turner's continued monetization of his "celeb" status over many years

For those not familiar with Marc Faber, here is his wiki entry
No problem with citations from reliable sources there. Compare and contrast with Mr Turner's.

Marc Faber (born February 28, 1946) is a Swiss investor. Faber is publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Reportnewsletter and is the director of Marc Faber Ltd which acts as an investment advisor and fund manager.[1][2][3] Faber also serves as director or advisor of a number of investment funds that focus on emerging and frontier markets, including Leopard Capital’s Leopard Cambodia Fund and Leopard Sri Lanka Fund.[4]
Faber has a reputation for being a contrarian investor and has been called "Doctor Doom" for a number of years. 
Investment views 
Faber is credited for advising his clients to get out of the stock market before the October 1987 crash.[13] 
[Editor Note Garth was there also]
Faber predicted the rise of oil, precious metals, other commodities, emerging markets, and especially China in his book Tomorrow's Gold: Asia's Age of Discovery. He also correctly predicted the slide of the U.S. dollar since 2002[14] He stated that there are few value investments available, except for farmland and real estate in some emerging markets like Russia, Paraguay, and Uruguay.[8] He believed in early 2007 that a major market correction was "imminent." (Fox News, 2-2007); however, by 5/2007 he was saying that U.S. equities were moderately overvalued — less so than those of emerging markets.

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