Monday, January 28, 2013

Real Idiot Update

The week just started off too well not to..  :)

Click to enlarge the Idiocy

Mr Turner, the idiots salute you. 

NB apologies if the idiots actually took anybody's money for real today, its not personal, you're just the opposition, and the idiots have been trying to warn you. Idiots aren't generally all that big on predictions about the future, but there is one that they would make and stick by, and that is that in the (comparatively well informed) opinion of a bunch of idiots:

The majority of you can never win this game. it's best just not to play with stocks.

This was definitely the idiot swansong, they just wanted to let you know it's all good. To see the final figures of these trades applied to the ETF at the right risk reward levels, see The Anti_Turner ETF

ETF Total   $143991 or +43.99% IN ONE MONTH

With 52 contracts total still short stops at breakeven ie NO RISK

What a phenomenal bunch of f'in idiots

01 Feb 2013 End of Week 4
And finally a Friday round up of the week's real idiot silver Action 

Some of the real idiots silver trades hit trailing stops on the remainder (01-31) at $31.71 (91pts) 
For the sake of the ETF idiots will remain in, 20k long from  $30.80 stop at breakeven.

Idiots think if you haven't got the idea by now, you're always going to be a fool..

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