Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trading Update

Well it has to be said the idiots don't have days like that every day.

Early AM European session the DOW got hoovered at breakeven, but idiots aren't taking no for an answer and hit them back at one point higher, 6pt stop and 195 contracts 

As its only the DOW setting up here (S&P fired yesterday) idiots are going to try it again, with a 6pt stop and 195 contracts for 1% account risk, that seems like a high risk reward..
  • Short DOW 13784 x 195 contracts x 6 pt stop - 1% account risk

Update: Stopped out -$1170
AT_ETF  $118875 - $1170 = $117705  or + 17.7% 

Even though ultimately this trade took a small loss hopefully people can see the potential here. If we were not playing a longer risk:reward management game, these two stopouts could both have been grabbed at +3 or 4%.  At 195 contracts, a mere 40 point drop (idiots first target with these heavily leveraged ones) would pay +$7800

Idiots only need to actually win 1 in 7 of these to still be up.  What a bunch of f'in idiots :)
and as idiots won one last night they get to take a few free pot shots out of the profit now..

Update back in, you cant keep a good idiot down..

Update DOW Terminated at breakeven

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