Sunday, December 30, 2012

Garth Turner - A Man You Can Trust With Your Money?

Call us skeptical, cynical even, but this kind of behaviour is par for the course with politicians, and so we would have been more surprised had there not been shenanigans like this to be found...

Garth Turner, Green Lights, and Secret Bank Accounts

Wednesday, October 01, 2008 at 05:57 PM 
This story came and went rather quietly.  Millennium Media, the company Liberal MP Garth Turner founded in 1999, settled a lawsuit brought against Turner.   
Details weren't mentioned in the media.  But the court filings are public information.  So what exactly was at issue? These are the allegations brought by Millennium Media against Garth Turner.
There are allegations of camera equipment bought with company funds. Cost?  over $76,000.   
There are allegations of office supplies, accounting fees, travel expenses, being paid for out of the company accounts. Cost?  Nearly $25,000. 
And then there are allegations of a secret bank account:  Read full article 
And it's well documented that Mr Turner doesn't mind a bit of a  cover clean up when required..

....dunno, all sounds a bit Madoff / Wasendorf Sr / Corzine to us? 

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